• Token Name: Trade Crypto    

  • Token Trading Symbol: CRYPTO

  • Token Type: ERC-20

  • Tokens Minted: 1,000,000,000

  • Token Decimals: 18

  • Tokens Type: Utility


The Trade Crypto Token

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Our Founding Company

  • The Trade CRYPTO Token Is A Partnership Of The BIZpaye International Group Of Companies & Several Other Global Entities

  • Part of the BIZpaye International Group of Companies Owned By Global Trade Management Hong Kong

  • Operational since 2013

  • Global Franchised Network with members in many countries worldwide

  • Credit Card style business with merchants that transact on a daily basis using virtual currencies with millions of dollars per month in virtual currency transactions

  • Is part of a virtual currency industry that pre-dates the Blockchain by more than 50 years

  • World's first variable & multi-currency type transactional platform that allows merchants to trade cash, barter virtual currency, reward points and crypto in a single transaction

  • Virtual Currency Barter Trade Exchange industry was the precursor to the Blockchain using Virtual Currencies 50 years

  • 400+ Barter Trade Exchanges operate in USA, more worldwide

  • 400k businesses in USA buy & sell in a Barter Trade Exchange

  • Barter Trade Exchange Industry = $30 Billion a year in cashless transactions

  • BIZpaye is the first Barter Trade Exchange in world to enter the Crypto space making us the Crypto leader in our industry

The Trade Crypto Token Will Utilize The Already Established BIZpaye Barter Trade Merchant Network To Add Additional Usability & Use cases

There’s No Waiting For Our project To Start...

  • We Built Our Network Before We Launched Trade Crypto Token

  • BIZpaye has already developed a Global merchant network & various marketplaces that are already accepting Trade Crypto as payment.

  • There's no waiting for our Trade Crypto project to deliver, we are already built & growing

  • As BIZpaye & Trade Crypto develop into the Blockchain space, we continually add new value-added products & services & collaborations to our network to enhance usability of our Token

  • Our Token provides less risk to end users than that of other Tokens 


Our Solution To One Of The Blockchain's Biggest Problems

  • Everyone in the Blockchain space calls Crypto a currency, but where can you actually spend it 

  • Trade Crypto solves this problem with real merchant networks & global marketplaces ready to accept Crypto for everyday transactions for goods and services….

  • Purchase Real World Goods & Services From Our Global Merchant Network & Partner Marketplaces

Via Our Arrangement With BIZpaye Almost Anything Can Be Traded

  • Using The Trade Crypto Token To Purchase With The BIZpaye Merchants Worldwide

  • In Most Cases Trade Crypto Can Be Used For Full or Part Payment

  • The Sky Is The Limit When It Comes To Merchants Selling Unsold Capacity With Trade Crypto.


Our Token Flexibility

  • Transact P2P or via our merchant or marketplace network

  • Trade on Crypto exchanges as a normal token (future)

  • Speculate on the value of the Token as a normal token

  • Swap for other tokens, across our own swap platform 

  • Fiat out (subject to individual exchange conditions) and more

Our Future Growth Strategies

  • All Trade Crypto Strategies Are Designed to Maximize the Technological Benefits of the Blockchain Through Transactions Whilst Ensuring Continued Growth of the BIZpaye & Trade CRYPTO Merchant Network Globally

  • Development of World’s First Multi-currency Transactional App

  • BIZpaye & Trade Crypto Blockchain Marketplace

  • Acquisition & Mergers of Existing Marketplace & Market Makers

  • Acquisition of Businesses Core To Our Operations

  • World’s First Crypto Merchant Rewards Program


Global Franchise Partner & Office/Network Growth

  • Additional BIZpaye Master Franchises Will Be Launched in More Countries

  • All Offices Will Become Like Localized Apple Service Centres For The Trade Crypto Program Where Merchants Will Have Access To Local Customer Service, Education & Support 

The Crypto Industry Is Challenged by The Cart Before the Horse Syndrome

  • Most Crypto Projects Ask For Funding Through ICO’s/IEO’s First Then Promise To Build It – Most Fail

  • BIZpaye & Trade Crypto Have Already Developed the Foundation of it’s Merchant Network Over The Past 6 Years

  • BIZpaye & Trade Crypto Offer A Real World Marketplace For The Blockchain – There’s No Waiting We Are Here & Growing


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