How To List Your Trade Crypto For Sale

To List Your Trade Crypto Tokens For Sale

Simply complete the online form below and once we have received your completed listing form, one of our team will contact you direct to confirm your listing details. Once confirmed, we will post your sell offer on our marketplace.


Security Notice

No one from Trade Crypto will ever ask you to send us your Tokens, therefore you should report any request by anyone pretending to be from Trade Crypto, by completing the Contact Form below.


How The Trade Crypto OTC Marketplace Works

  1. Complete and submit the Sell/List form providing details of your offer

  2. One of the team from Trade Crypto will contact you to verify your offer details

  3. Once verified, your sell offer will be listed for 30 days, if you sell your Trade Crypto in another market during that time please contact us so we can remove your offer.

  4. If a Buyer is interested in your Trade Crypto Sell Offer, they will complete the Buy Order Enquiry Form. Once we receive that, we will then contact you to ensure that you still have the Trade Crypto Tokens for sale, after which we will then introduce you to the Buyer.

  5. You and the Buyer will then communicate and complete the transaction between yourselves, without any involvement by the Trade Crypto Team.

  6. Once you have successfully sold your Trade Crypto Tokens, you then transfer the commission in 100% Trade Crypto to the Trade Crypto Treasury.

Spread & Price Dumping Controls

The Trade Crypto team will not permit any listing for sale of Trade Crypto Tokens that has a spread more than 20% of the published Trade Ecosystem Price as listed on the Home Page of this website


What Is The Trade Crypto OTC Marketplace

The Trade Crypto OTC Marketplace is just an online P2P marketplace for promoting the Selling and Buying of Trade Crypto Tokens and we do not handle and/or facilitate the transaction, nor do we become involved in the actual transaction between the Seller and the Buyer. The Trade Crypto OTC Marketplace is merely a 3rd party marketer of offers to Sell Trade Crypto Tokens.

By clicking the SUBMIT button you are bound by the Legal and Privacy terms and conditions of Trade Crypto and warrant that the information you are providing is true and accurate

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